San Francisco – Photo Diary 

Napa, California  
















We decided to visit Napa for two days and explore the wine country. It is such a beautiful area with so many great locations for pictures. Our facorite town in Napa was St. Helena. If you go to Napa, you need to visit this picturesque little town! 

 San Francisco, California





By far the best gluten free pancakes I’ve ever had! 



Plow – Our favorite new breakfast spot! It’s a very popular place for locals and has a line around the block on the weekends! If you go, plan ahead and wake up early so you get a good spot! 











Ideale Ristorante – Our go-to Italian Restaurant in the city. The food is amazing. 


I had only been to San Francisco once before when I was very young, but I’m so glad I got to go back and get the full city experience! This city is buzzing with energy and great food. I can confidently say I ate my way through each day! I also had the best luck shopping with all my favorite stores in the the same area as each other! San Francisco is definitely a city that everyone should visit, and I cannot wait to return! 

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