A Trip to Park City

This past summer was such a laid back, mellow,  breath of fresh air. Reconnecting with the long-lost beach days, spending my birthday at the lake house surrounded by family, and visiting the most breathtaking place, Utah, consisted of just a few things that made this summer unforgettable!

As my family and I landed in Salt Lake to make our trek to Park City, I was in complete awe. I had never seen such a beautiful and raw landscape, with open land for miles and miles. The scenery painted an image of the early American Frontier, and how the land is still so magnificent as it must’ve been a hundred years ago.

We stayed in the most beautiful house over-looking Deer Valley and the rolling green hills that surrounded us every which way. We came to meet up with family friends and attend the Yurt Stock, a quaint, family-style music festival nestled out in the country. Everyone set up their own tarp with lawn chairs and an ice-cooler, which would serve as the table and the occasional footrest. Barbecued Sliders were the main dish, while an overload on chips and salsa was the dessert. What I loved most about this festival was that everybody knew each others names. Friends would go from tarp-to-tarp, chatting and enjoying the warm evening, while listening to great live music. From the line-up of home-made bands that played (one of them including my dad), I loved the rawness of the spontaneous duets that would take place, and the dogs that would occasionally hang out with the band members on stage. I could go on about all the aspects I loved about this one-of-a-kind gathering, but to put it in short, the Yurt Stock truly showed me the value and richness of family. 

On the last day in Park City, we took an outing to the McPolin Barn. This barn caught my eye that second we first drove past it. The huge American Flag that swayed from the top of the barn accented the beautiful stark white barn wood. To me, this site truly represented America in all its beauty. 

This trip to Utah awakened a yearning to explore the states all around me. I’m so intrigued with exploring the world, and still am, yet there’s some pretty beautiful places right here in the backyard of America! 


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