Nashville – Travel Diary

Over Spring Break, my family and I took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. This has been on the top of my travel list for a long time; I’ve wanted to check out some colleges there! I’ve always been drawn to the charm of the South and I found that Tennessee felt very at home the second I got there! Nothing prepared me for the beautiful scene of Tennessee in the Spring. I was awestruck at the rolling green hills, the blooming white trees, and the charming homes surrounded by nothing but miles of land.

For our week visit, we stayed in the quaint little town of Franklin. Franklin has such a special way about it; with friendly faces and a small town feel that you don’t come across very often. The house we stayed in was built in the 1800’s. While being historic, the house, was also beautifully decorated with a warm rustic feel. (This house made Instagram photoshoots so easy and effortless with its many backdrops 😉 ).





Since we were staying out in the countryside, we made a day trip to Leiper’s Fork. Leiper’s Fork is a very small town with a main street consisting of cute boutiques and furniture stores. The main attraction, however, is a restaurant/bar called Puckett’s. Puckett’s is the real deal when it comes to good barbecue and music. We ate dinner there while listening to a great band– it was my first real taste of the South, and I loved every minute of it!

While in Leiper’s Fork, I also decided to showcase this beautiful Free People dress (shown in the photos below). The sun was beginning to set and there was a nearby grass field that was so picturesque. I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!




Unfortunately, I lost almost all of my pictures from my Nashville trip (iPhones and ocean water don’t mix), so these are the only two salvageable pictures from my actual visit. We visited my new favorite store, Imogene + Willie. I had been eyeing this store from Instagram for a year prior to the trip, so my one wish when I came to Nashville was to purchase a good ole’ pair of American made jeans… and that’s exactly what I did! They are the best jeans I have ever owned and I have a feeling they are going to last for a very long time!



Overall, my trip to Tennessee left me wanting to go back the second I left. I cannot wait to return and maybe someday call this place home!

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